Best of the Maldives: Beds – W Retreat

W Retreat lunch bed

There’s biggest, and there’s best. And at the W Retreat, beds are as much of a pervasive obsession as their service and music.

Beds are everywhere. Their pool-side restaurant/bar serves you lunch on a bed (see photo above). Later in the day, you can go to their over-water bar, ‘Sip’, for a sundowner on an array of king sized mattresses with pillows to stretch out on. Even after dinner, a night cap at the night club 15 Below offers seats that are more bed than chair in design (see photo below). Beds are on the beach and in reception. The upstairs decks of the villas have swinging beds.

And to cater for all of this lounging, the W have created these little serving tables (see in both photos) which handily hold your drink, food, etc. what ever way you want to make yourself comfortable.

Of course, they also have them in the bedrooms. Lovely ones. Top of the line ‘super kings’ with down mattress covers and down pillows (the softest we have come upon) a luxuriously high thread count (400 TC) bed linen.

For a destination where most of the landscape is horizontal, the W does more than just about anywhere to get you horizontal.


W Retreat 15 Degrees bed

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