Best of the Maldives: German – Reethi Beach

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Happy ‘Tag der Deutschen Einheit’ to my German friends.

Reethi Beach the favourite among not just Germans, but anyone speaking German. Swiss, Austrians. Still, it has an international feel with the remaining nationalities being quite a United Nations of diversity. Even Americans. As highlighted in my piece on Trip Advisor recommendations, it came just behind Villamendoo in the number of mentions on the Maldives TripAdvisor Forum. This Saxon-centric, but eclectic feel stems a lot from its Swiss background (its Sales and Marketing contacts phone through to a Swiss number). German hits you as soon as you arrive from hearing it at the desk to seeing the prevalence of German language collateral in the information racks. For English speakers, this linguistic bias is a bit irrelevant because just about every German I have met has had a pretty fine command of the English language and certainly all the staff speak English.

So here’s a glass of cold pilsner raised to all of the unified Germans celebrating in paradise today.  May you not have to spend so much money bailing out the world from economic chaos that you have to cut back on trips to Reethi Beach.

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