Top 10 Maldives Vibe Films

Are you missing (or anticipating) that deserted tropical island vibe? Or looking for something to pass the time while a rainstorm passes through your resort? Or perhaps something to watch on the popular outdoor films with your toes in the warm sand, the gentle ocean breezes as your aircon and the stars as overhead. Here is my list for the top ten films with the Maldives vibe (in chronological order of earliest release date)…

1. Treasure Island (1918/1934/1950/1972/1982/1990/1996) – the original film (and book), check out this comparison. [above]

2. Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1954/1997) – iconic with many eponymous villas and excursions

3. Swiss Family Robinson (1960) – the classic deserted island film and Soneva design aesthetic

4. Lord of the Flies (1963/1990) – dystopia in paradise

5. Island of the Blue Dolphins (1964) – youthful adventure

6. Blue Lagoon (1980) – also eponymous

7. Shipwrecked (1990) – pirate treasure and youthful adventure

8. The Red Turtle (2016) – fantastical animated tales about one of the favourite creatures in the Maldives

9. Sweetheart (2019) – aka.Monster of the Blue Lagoon

10. Cast Away (2000) – the ultimate deserted island flick

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