Best of the Maldives: Islamic Resort – Fiyavalhu

Fiyavalhu - islamic resort

Perhaps the most Maldivian cultural fusion is Islam and the Maldives. A longstanding and tightly integral part of its heritage, and yet none of its resorts focused on this connection to cater for the special preferences of Muslim guests. Noting this omission was one of my second ever “What I Haven’t Seen” pieces. There were plans for an Islamic resort, Gaakoshibee, in Shaviyani Atoll but it never came to light. The newly launched Fiyavalhu finally has come to the destination with a keen Islamic sensitivity. Some examples include:

  • All plunge pool segregated in enclosed back areas for privacy
  • No alcohol served (but an extensive range of mocktails) – “Our creative Mixologists will prepare drinks of your preference from the seasonal fruits and vegetables… Fresh coconuts and other non-alcoholic drinks, snacks or special bites will be available.”
  • On site mosque open to guests.

The resort is open to all and it hardly makes mention of its special features which could likely appeal to a wide range of customers.

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