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Maldives April Fools

Daylight saving time moved the clocks forward in the UK this week. Other countries have other dates when they adjust their clocks (eg. the USA did theirs two weeks ago). Some countries in the world are even shifted a half hour or even 45 minutes.

The Maldives also has their own set of time variations despite all of the islands sitting on virtually the same longitude (time zones move by latitude). This has created the curious notion of “resort time”. Resort time is an hour different to the main Maldives time which is also known as “Male time”. But some resorts go even further. Nika’s resort time is 2 hours behind Male.

But Maalprolfulshi resort has topped them all by setting its resort time to 37 and half minutes ahead of Male time. The Director of Chronology R.U. Ciddingmee commented:

  • We at Maalprolfulshi have pioneered the most curious innovations to the guest experience and we feel that this distinctive clock time will help our visitors to completely disconnect with the rest of the outside world not just geographically, but also chronologically. Even if they try to join that conference call with work, there is no way they will be able to figure out exactly when it is taking place so they will have to miss it.”

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