Best of the Maldives: Most Restaurants – Sun Siymam Irufushi


For a banquet of choice across the island, Sun Siyam Irufushi offers 14 different dining outlets as well as range of destination dining (room service, beach dinners). This smorgasbord of culinary collection eclipses the previous high water mark held by Kurumba (10). Their website has a page about each dining venue that includes a video tour of every one.

  1. Flavours
  2. Iru
  3. La Cremeria
  4. Taste of India by Fluid
  5. Teppanyaki
  6. Islanders Grill
  7. Bamboo
  8. Water Edge
  9. Bubble Lounge
  10. Spa Cafe
  11. Fluid Bar
  12. Trio
  13. The Wine Cellar
  14. Reflections
  15. Destination Dining

Irufushi - restaurant

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