Piscine Pelotons

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The sub-aquatic landscape of the Maldives is also filled with its own photogenic teams of sporty packs in a daily Tour de Fish forming colourful underwater tapestries (thanks Verena)…

  1. Blue Striped Snappers
    Fish - Yellow Striped Snappers
  2. Fusilier
    Fish - Glass Fish

  3. Moorish Idol
    Fish - Moorish Idol

  4. Yellow Sweepers
    Fish - Yellow Sweepers

  5. Orange Anthias
    Fish - Orange Anthia

  6. Convict Surgeonfish
    Fish - Convict Surgeonfish

  7. Oriental Sweetlips
    Fish - Oriental Sweetlips

  8. Humpback Snapper
    Fish - Humpback Snapper

  9. Gold Spot Emperor
    Fish - Gold Spot Emperor

  10. Humbug Dascyllus
    Fish - Humbug Damsel Fish

  11. Yellow-fin Surgeonfish
    Fish - Yellow Fin Surgeonfish

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