Best of the Maldives: Best for Laundry – Club Med Kani

Club Med Kani laundry

It’s not just the fashionistas, but also the fashion itself that needs a good wash. With the sun-drenched sweat, salt-water spray, and copiously applied suntan lotion, clothes are lucky to last a full day in the tropical conditions. Then you have a variety of outfits from snorkelling swimwear (suit and rashguards), lounge-by-the-pool wear, to some breezy comfort clothes for drinks and dinner time.

Most resorts do offer laundry services, but that can start to add up in costs. You can hand wash some underwear in the sink with some hand soap, but it’s a faff, takes forever to dry and doesn’t come out fluffy fresh. It sounds silly but one thing that we missed the most on our longest stay (17 days) was a washing machine to do some laundry. If only we were at Club Med Kani, they offer a complimentary laundry facility with washers, dryers and ironing all at your convenience.

2 Thoughts on “Best of the Maldives: Best for Laundry – Club Med Kani

  1. นวพร รัตนสุวรรณ on November 4, 2018 at 4:18 pm said:

    How much is it cost for laundry at Clubmed Kani?

  2. When I was there (a few years ago), it was complementary.

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