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Windyty weather

The second most frequently asked question about the Maldives is “When is the best time to go?” And this question is basically asking “When is the weather the best?” Not a surprising FAQ since one of the top draws to the destination is its tropical sunshine. The tourist board’s promotional slogan is “The Sunny Side of Life”. So if this is the allure, people are always wanting to do everything they can to optimise every ounce of sunshine during their stay.

My post on weather norms is one of my most popular over the years, and the subject is one of the most frequently raised on the Maldives TripAdvisor Forum. I’ve posted a number of superb weather resources that I’ve found and used and today’s feature is one of my favourites –

The creator is a kindred spirit of Internet sharing. This remarkable resource provides a colourful and comprehensive interactive resource and is completely non-commercial. Ivo developed and maintained it as an outlet for his passion and his technical prowess.

It is such a useful resource that I have exploited his “embed” capability and added it to the bottom of the Maldives Complete home page.

May the winds of the Maldives always blow gently in your favour.

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