Which Paradise Should You Run Away To?

Coral Reef Utopia

The BuzzFeed listicles are not just the hot thing on the Internet, but have been inspiring some Maldives Complete versions. BuzzFeed has also elevated the Cosmo quiz to new status with fun and clever interactive questionnaires to determine “Which X Are You?” This week featured “Which Paradise Should You Run Away To?”. I did a user test and it did indeed send me to the Maldives – result! (well, “Coral Reef Utopia” which is a destination category I didn’t know existed but I guess captures it pretty nicely). For those wishing to game the system to make sure you get sent there, here are the responses to rig it to get you there…

  • Dream Job – Watersports Instructor
  • What Sport Do You Most Want To Do? – Scuba Diving
  • Pick An Awkward Moment to Never Experience Again – Falling asleep in an inappropriate place
  • What Gadget Couldn’t You Leave Behind – Camera
  • What Trend Are You Happiest To Leave Behind – Twerking
  • Pick A Musical Genre – Acoustic
  • Pick An Evening Activity – Yoga
  • What Motivates You – Relaxation
  • What Food Couldn’t You Live Without? – Sushi

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