Best of the Maldives: Most Exclusive – Dhoni Island

Dhoni Island Island

Two qualities describing the Maldives go hand in hand – tiny and exclusive. So what is the smallest and most exclusive of them all?

According to my most effective investigator on the Maldives, Francis, Dhoni Island squeaks in…

Rania of course is only bookable by one person but i think you can have 24 people there… Dhoni Island only 12 max and most of the time some of those will be on the Dhoni at night so I would say Dhoni probably has least people on it and it is a small island too…..”

4 Thoughts on “Best of the Maldives: Most Exclusive – Dhoni Island

  1. as i did write, i do think dhoni is where you would have fewest people at one time  as the max 12 people will be spread between the island and the boats even at night,  which would not be the case on banyan madivaru, which is the same size and is also 12 max.   rania it turns out is also 12 max, not 24   but  does not allow you to sleep on the boat so dhoni still wins,  though  rania is in fact smaller.    and rania is also more exclusive in that you can only book it privately,  hence excluding people who are not in your group.  it is also more expensive and offers more services so is more exclusive in the sense of more elitist….  All three can be booked privately so you can have the island just for you alone if you are really rich and like solitude, in all three cases, so that is not a criterium to choose between the three..  

    On the other hand dhoni island is exclusive in that the dhonis are only for two people each (while all 12 guests have to go on the rania yacht together) and the bungalows on dhoni are totally walled in for privacy, not to mention the privacy of sleeping alone on the dhoni at night while even your partner sleeps elsewhere ( alone in the bungalow) so in fact each person has a separate room if they wish .  Rania only allows you to use the yacht 3 hours a day, so you are more island- bound.  Dhoni lets you do what you want with your dhoni…. so you can isolate yourslef longer from other people on the island and explore further afield

    so I would have to say smallest: rania (though really dhoni and madivaru are nearly just as small) , most exclusive in the sense of elitist : rania,

    but certainly most privacy, personal isolation, personal freedom  and fewest people in sight  :  dhoni island

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