Follow Me Four a Walk In Water

The third anniversary of celebrating the anniversary of the Osmann’s who took Instagram by storm with their iconic “Follow Me” series including a number of epic shots from their Maldives honeymoon. This year’s collection features an especially aquatic version as the fashionistas, and their shutter-happy boyfriends, take to the water

  1. Ariel (Taiwan) – Dhigali [ABOVE]
  2. Queen Ababy (China) – Centara Grand
    Queen Ababy (China) - Centara Grand_thumb
  3. Anastasia (Russia) – Ayada
    Anastasia (Russia) - Ayada_thumb

  4. Elif Bayrak Gürsoy (Turkey) – Sun Island
    Elif Bayrak Gürsoy (Turkey) - Sun Island_thumb
  5. Loves Nature (Russia) – Dhigurah
    Loves Nature (Russia) - Dhigurah_thumb[1]
  6. Victoria Magrath (United Kingdom) – Conrad Rangali
    Victoria Magrath (United Kingdom) – Conrad Rangali 2_thumb
  7. Ishita Malaviya (India) – Thulusdhoo
    Ishita Malaviya (India) - Thulusdhoo_thumb
  8. Adelina Bratu (Romania) – Sun Island
    Adelina Bratu (Romania) - Sun Island_thumb
  9. Barbora Ondrackova (Czech) – Conrad Rangali
    Barbora Ondrackova (Czech) - Conrad Rangali_thumb
  10. Amelyn Beverly (Singapore) – ShangriLa Vilingili
    Amelyn Beverly (Singapore) - Shangri-La Vilingili_thumb
  11. Mira Radost (Russia) – Ayada
    Mira Radost (Russia) - Ayada_thumb
  12. Eleonora Callioni (Italy) – Nika
    Eleonora Callioni (Italy) - Nika_thumb
  13. Ellie Bullen (Australia) – Conrad Rangali
    Ellie Bullen (Australia) - Conrad Rangali_thumb
  14. Jamie Allen (Australia) – Ayada
    Jamie Allen (Australia) - Ayada_thumb
  15. Alisa Kibra (Russia) – Angsana Velavaru
    Alisa Kibra (Russia) - Angsana Velavaru_thumb
  16. Frugina (Hungary) – Meeru
    Frugina (Hungary) - Meeru_thumb
  17. Anyuta Rai (Russia) – Hurawalhi
    Anyuta Rai (Russia) - Hurawalhi_thumb
  18. Kristyna S (Czech) – Sun Island
    Kristyna S (Czech) - Royal Island_thumb
  19. Lesha Nekakvse (Russia) – Malahini Kuda Bandos
    Lesha Nekakvse (Russia) - Malahini Kuda Bandos_thumb
  20. Barbie Pelomundo (Brazil) – Hurawalhi
    Barbie Pelomundo (Brazil) - Hurawalhi_thumb
  21. Lee Adora (Singapore) – Furaveri
    Lee Adora (Singapore) - Furaveri_thumb
  22. Mattia Tullini (Italy) – Aarah
    Mattia Tullini (Italy) - Aarah_thumb
  23. Nataly (Russia) – Sun Island
    Nataly (Russia) - Sun Island_thumb
  24. Nélia Bidarra (Portugal) – Paradise Island
    Nélia Bidarra (Portugal) - Paradise Island_thumb

  25. Leonie Hanne (Germany) – Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru
    Leonie Hanne (Germany) – Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru_thumb
  26. Ana Cecília Sabbá (Brazil) –Hurawalhi
    Ana Cecília Sabbá (Brazil) -Taj Exotica 3_thumb
  27. Maria Belen Alderete (Paraguary) – Sheraton Full Moon
    Maria Belen Alderete (Paraguary)_thumb
  28. Jessica H. (Germany) – Park Hyatt Hadahaa
    Jessica H. (Germany) - Park Hyatt Hadahaa_thumb
  29. Paige Rene (USA) – Maalhoss
    Paige Rene (USA) - Maalhoss_thumb
  30. Katri Kats (Estonia) – Ayada
    Katri Kats (Estonia) - Ayada_thumb


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