Best of the Maldives: Swimsuit Fashion – W Retreat

I’m tempted to dub this piece “Most Fashionable Resort” as everything it does is distinguished by sophisticated styling. But in my effort to keep “Best of the Maldives” post as specific as possible, I’ll settle for “Best Swimwear”. W Retreat has already been highlighted for its distinctively fashionable uniforms. And now it adds a line of house swimwear partnering with designers “We Are Handsome”…

“We are really excited to be involved in this project and to have the opportunity to collaborate with a brand which shares the same passions for design and fashion,” said Jeremy Somers, Managing and Creative Director, We Are Handsome. “We took our inspiration for the collection from the energy which ebbs and flows through the resorts when the sun sets, the stars come out and nature starts to glow. The bespoke design conveys this energy, as well as the vibrant and playful personalities of the retreats and their island destinations, whilst evoking their bold sophistication and glamour.”

We Are Handsome?…Most definitely!

W Retreat - We Are Handsome swimwear

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